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Marc P - Denver, COPersonal Fitness Instructor
Honest ingredients, great taste while being high in protein. A win, win solution for protein on the go!
Cynthia R - Whittier, CAFoodie
Tasted like my favorite dessert at a local eatery. Can't wait for them to come in the mail - my favorite afternoon snack.
Omar G - Los Angeles, CA Food Enthusiast
Great taste! All natural. First time trying crickets and couldn't even taste them!
Zack L - New Orleans, LA Entomologist
Blueberry Vanilla tasted good and berry-like from start to finish! Company looks well-thought and nutritional chart reads well. The brothers running this outfit are cool and enthusiastic entomophagists!
Steve C - Aurora, COCar Enthusiast
The banana flavor hit the spot, the texture was great, and the bar left no aftertaste. I'm looking for a great afternoon snack to replace my M&Ms, and I've found it! You've got a winner here!
Ben, Monrovia CAWildcrafter
Nice! Not as "crickety" tasting as Exo or Chapul cricket bars, which is good!
Stephanie B - Palos Verdes, CAFoodie Lawyer
First time bug eater! Love the intense fruit flavor and moist-crumbly texture.

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