The Team


Meet the Team

We’re the Baugh brothers (Lars on the left and Dave on the right), identical twins born and raised in Colorado with a passion for an active lifestyle and adventure. Our free time is spent skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, powerlifting, auto racing, cycling, and backpacking. An inherent passion and enthusiasm for nutrition is our backbone that allows us to push harder, go farther, and move faster. That passion has driven us to create Lithic Nutrition, our venture aimed at revolutionizing the supplement industry with products that are wholly GOOD. Good for your body, radically good for the environment, and good for addressing stereotypes and misconceptions about “what we should eat.” We will educate the nutritionally conscious and environmentally concerned audiences about how our products do more than just provide you with an alternative protein; they drive an innovative industry, create new jobs, and dramatically reduce our extreme carbon footprint.

Just as our Paleolithic ancestors gathered insects as a primary source of protein millennia ago, we want to reinvigorate the idea that insects should be our primary source of protein once again. Out of foresight to address the issues of our water resources diminishing, global population increasing, and the demand for superior nutrition, Lithic was born. We eat crickets every day as a complement to almost every meal. We believe that this is the next significant step to revolutionizing our diet. Help us reign in our positive impact on the earth, on your body, and on our economy. Join us in being part of this nutrition revolution!

The Story

While serving as an active-duty U.S. Marine for five years, Dave first learned about eating crickets while deployed in Southeast Asia. During training in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other areas, he found that crickets and other insects were not only nourishing for jungle survival, but also a tasty food source on the dinner table eaten by locals. He couldn't help but wonder why this concept did not exist back home. After all, why does 80% of the world already eat bugs but Americans don't? Then the gears started turning...

After Dave recounted some of the edible adventures from Asia to his twin brother, Lars mentioned that he had read about the concept of insect-based food and how such products could make their way into the American diet. As a matter of fact, by the time their conversation took place, Lars had already created a basic business plan for what is now Lithic in 2013. Dave injected his own thought into the business plan, which fueled a growing momentum. A sound plan on paper quickly became an actionable call to both of them, and they decided to commit to the plan full time. Dave transitioned out of the U.S. Marine Corps and moved back to Colorado as Lars wound down his leadership role with his former organization in Denver. By September of 2015, the two found themselves putting together the first pieces of Lithic Nutrition.

Product development soon followed as Lars and Dave gave protein bar recipes a 'college try'. With their parents volunteering their kitchen space, the two overtook the area with boxes of ingredients and mixing bowls on every surface. They had no idea what they were doing, but produced some awesome tasting bars, nonetheless. Were they good enough to bet their savings on producing? Not quite. They sought out a professional to assist them in developing bars that tasted better than they ever could have imagined. Erin Price, an acclaimed  Food Scientist, enthusiastically took on the challenge of working with ground crickets and plans to continue developing food products with Lithic Nutrition. With the right recipes and the right partners, all bets were on!

Lithic Nutrition is eager to disrupt the food industry by continuing to develop healthier options for the supplement market and make a globally positive difference. Let's go!


Lithic Nutrition