“Crickstart my Heart”

Welp, what a journey it's been.  From mom's kitchen and experimental flavors to building an FDA registered clean room and developing our professional packaging - it's brought feelings of anxiety, excitement, frustration, confidence, and everything in between.

Officially launching our Kickstarter campaign is a milestone that marks the true beginning of Lithic, as we make our first effort to become known in the world.  It's been a humble first few months, and Lars and I have built everything as frugally as possible with our own money that we've saved up over the years.  This is finally our chance to make all of this worthwile, legitimate, and enduring for the future!

That's why you, our humble community, play the most integral part of helping get the word out of our Kickstarter.  We'd love you to be part of what is (hopefully) a successful and awareness building campaign to take us from a startup business of just Lars and me,  to growing into something more legitimate and enduring.


We'd love for a small chip in to the campaign and to share our Kickstarter with a personal touch to show your friends what your'e supporting and why we believe it's important.  We couldn't grow without you, and would be humbled by any amount of contribution.  There are many awesome rewards in the campaign from bars and powders to a sponsored dinner on us!

Here's the link to the campaign and video:  kck.st/2d6IZlW

And here are some "auto share" buttons to share the campaign!  We'd really love ya for it.



We also decided to start a Lithic Snapchat, mostly for fun and shenanigans around the warehouse.   Be sure to add us to share the fun:  cricketbros

Thanks for tuning in!  We'll keep you all updated as to how the campaign is going!

Update: What an awesome first day!! So excited for the outreach of support and love.

- Dave and Lars Baugh


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